Top side of the mat

The front side of the mat has a top layer of antimicrobial covering that helps absorb sweat and prevents slippage. Keep grippy for hand and feet.

Down side of the mat

The down side of the mat has a grippy texture which gives you plenty of traction for less vigorous practises. Eco-friendly grippy rubber stable and safer, provides for an extremely reliable skip resistance

Here are our mat' main functions:
Eco friendly material

The mat is made by recyclable material which is odorless and it doesn’t contain any toxic factors. The mat is durable and made to serve you well. This mat is made from high- quality material and doesn’t require any special care.

Extra durable

The mat has a seashell texture for a reason. This texture increases the friction between the hand, foot and the mat and provides a strong grip to help you keep control easily. The mat has two layers which prevent tearing and extend the service life.

Water resistance

Our mat is really easy to clean and carry around as it comes with a strap for outdoor exercises. The mat is really light which makes it even more convenient to use it outside. You can benefit from the strap for easier storage as well.


I waited for a few yoga classes before I could truly review this yoga mat. I have so far done 7 classes with this mat and I am truly impressed with the comfort and the weight of it. It is very light and comfortable to use. It is thick enough to practice on hardwood floors with ease.

Magan Murphy

I love this mat so much. I like the fine details such as the marking so that you can be symmetric. Just the right thickness as well. It feels much better on the knees without being super cushiony, not like you're sinking in.

Britney Johnson

This is a brilliant yoga mat . It's thick enough to do prolonged practise poses with comfort and has excellent grip. The alignment guide on the mat is really helpful to make sure you get the most out of your postures by correctly aligning yourself.

Amanda Rupert

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